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C For over a year now Ive felt in my heart that getting a spiritual tattoo is something I need to do. I am completely at peace with the idea and I believe God would be proud of me. I ask for prayer that my family will accept this (They are deeply religious and some do not believe in tattooing.). I feel upset that they do not listen to me when I say I have prayed about this, and they do not agree with my free spirited ways. I love God and I want a tattoo expressing that. Thank you all. <3 4 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Kirk i have to say... i like graphiti. its a pretty art. but it looks different on the side of a temple. i think if God wanted our bodies marked Hed do it for us. i dont know Gods opinion though. i have no scripture to back up my opinion. 4 Years Ago
Megan I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago
Megan I think that getting the tattoo is a good idea but make sure you know why you are getting the tattoo, get one that really means something to you. 4 Years Ago
Rachel Spoon I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago
Livelifetothefullest C pray and allow God to guide you, if this has taken a year to think about, I would pray through scripture about this more... There are definitely other ways to show His love to others. 4 Years Ago