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Hannah {I accidentally posted an answer to this prayer, so it no longer showed under the "prayer requests" tab. I am reposting it now. Thanks again.} My great uncle Mike that I previously wrote about has passed away. He passed this morning around 4 am. He suffered from dementia and other like diseases/sicknesses. We know he is with Jesus in Heaven, but I ask that you guys pray for our family, especially his widow, Dana, his kids, Tracy, Eric, and Wendy, and his sister (my grandma), Connie. Of course, there are others who have been affected and who were close to him, but in my opinion, these people have been hit the hardest. I know that his son, Eric, was in Alaska at the time and was preparing to drive down to Michigan where he was staying in a hospital (he was already in the hospital and the doctors were not optimistic, so we knew this was coming). Eric did not get there in time and was not able to see his dad before he passed. Also, his ex-wife, who is also suffering from some old-age diseases, had tried to come and see him in the hospital before he died. She was planning on seeing him tomorrow. Uncle Mike lived a turbulent life, and at times he contemplated suicide. He is saved, we all know it, and it makes us very happy to know that he is in a place where this no pain or suffering, only happiness and joy. Thank you for all your prayers! 4 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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