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Sherri Hello~ I would like to be prayed over,for my relationship with my son. He is not speaking to me and will not give me the full story on why. I have not laid eyes on my son since he left for USMC boot camp a couple yrs ago.He has since been back home as well as to Afganistan and back, a few times but would not see me. If I knew why I could understand and deal w/it,but the not knowing is killing me inside. He is my oldest and I miss him terribly. I continue to pray that one day the Lord will open the door to his heart once again(regarding me) . I LOVE YOU JOSHUA ...PLEASE DONT FORGET ME..... 3 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Called To The Nations i just want you to be encouraged and know that God is faithful at all times to put back tgether a broken relationship. be strong and know you are never alone. 3 Years Ago
Gabriella I commit to pray! 3 Years Ago
Yoly I commit to pray! 3 Years Ago
Vanessa I commit to pray! 3 Years Ago
Kamire I pray that god takes lifts the spirit of worry off you right now in the name of jesus!!. Worry can turn into stress and stress can be the dealth of you... Dont beat yourself up continue to pray and turn it over to god completly!!! In gods timing hell bring your son back around. I just prayed with a few other people at my dads church thats dealing with the same issue.. Just ask god to forgive you for anything you have done or said and release it and turn it over to god... I speak peace to your mind and spirit in jesus name... I pray before the year is out that you will hear from your son matter of a fact I pray in a few days in jesus name. father soften Joshua heart right now where ever he may be and bring him back home to Mrs. Sherri and I seal my prayer under the blood for the enmey can not tamper with it. 3 Years Ago


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