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Victor I ask to help me in praying for a job. I dont think that i know how to pray or that God hears me. I know hes blessing me everyday and everything is done by his grace but i dont feel like i know how to have a conversation with him. I ask for a job to move out of my house from an abusive step father and ask for him to receive christ as well. God knows all the things that are happening and i want to ask for help in praying for these things. Thank You and GOD BLESS! 5 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Anonymous i will deffinently be praying,and im sorry i dont know how to spell deffinently but i will be praying 5 Years Ago
Luisa The Lord doesnt need a perfect prayer, HE is the only perfect one . He knows your heart and your needs, even when you are not able to pray , He knows you. I pray today to THE ONE the knows everything on your situation, I pray to Jesus Christ of Nazareth , our Savior, that let you fill HIS present in your life, I pray for your step father to be touch by HIS grace, and for you to understand the we has to go true betters in this life of torment, I pray for your comfort and strength upon you...You are cruising a bottle...Be strong in HIM...He is with you...remember (He said when you call me, Ill be with you, and Ill give you the strength to go true, because you has trust in My Name...put everything in HIS hand, Victor...TRUE THE BALL TO HIM...HE will cash it, and wait on HIM..Remember...we are not along. God Bless you ...and thank for let me pray for you...In HIS name we trust...Amen 5 Years Ago
Ingrid Paola Father God I pray in your name for my brother Victor!! please help him!! please guide him..God in your word you have promise to always care for us and provide our needs. Lord today i join my brother in prayer that you help him find a stable and a good job..Where my brother can not only use his skills at the work site but that he may also be a good witness for ur kingdom...that he can help people see u through his works!! father in jesus name i pray!! AMEn.... 5 Years Ago
Derrick I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago
Derrick I am praying in jesus name oh God that you touch Victors life the only way you can and you anoint him and guide..And help him by renewing his mind...and shining your light through him...That when his father sees him that he will not see him but instead will see jesus....And grab hold of the light living among him and that you will use Victor as your vessel to be an instrument for your glory....And help his Father....To let go and give his troubled spirit to you...what ever burdens may be on his heart or mind...And allow Victor to know that no matter what happens Jesus is always there and will never leave her and neithier will God or the holy spirit....That your here to stay forever...And not just that God but help Victor to know that as your child no matter what happens in this life it is all working out for his good and for your glory...I pray in jesus name that you rain favour on his life and help Victor to seek your face first and recieve a job...Because God I remember well how your servant David said I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging for bread...And God I belive in jesus name that you shall supply ALL our needs according to your riches and glory in christ jesus.....I pray that you help victor to know that your eye is on the sparrow.....And that he know that he is your tressured possesion. And eyes have not seen ears have not heard, neitheir has entered into the hearts of man the things that you God have instore for those who love you 5 Years Ago


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