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Needy Servant Sorry it took so long for me to update, but i am always late. i am still struggling, but at least its more of a struggle and less like me giving in. i am reading more, and trying to get right. Maybe that is another reason why i havent updated yet, i feel like i havent improved enough, but i need to learn to not be so hard on myself.Also i have been frequenting this site more and thats good. Thank you so much for your prayers, i truly appreciate it. answered 3 Years Ago Write a prayer for this person Share
Original Prayer Request (posted 4 Years Ago): I spent a few long months away from this website, and I have been hurting. I have been slacking, no, honestly I have not been reading at all for those months. I have been quenching the spirit and giving into temptation. All kinds of stupid stuff has been my "excuse" to sin and shy away from God. I need Him, I want Him back, I want to flee from temptation, I want to kill sin, I want to be real with Him, I want to draw near to Him, but my flesh has been getting stronger and stronger the last few months while my spirit was being malnourished and beaten. I want to truly repent, I want to hate my sin again, I want to love Jesus more than ABSOLUTELY everything again, please pray for me, please. I hate where I am and feel so weak and far behind. I dont have any fellowship, I cant meet with the guys from church much anymore because of work and school, and the few people in my life I have contact with arent christian, or they are just as callous towards God as I have ben lately. Thank you so much, I need this.
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Belinda I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago
Lainey I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago
Chiara Rose I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago
Gabriella I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago
Horacio hey whats up cross carrier! god loves you and hasent closed the door on you. its sill open for you! forget your friends that bring you down. their not freinds. god wants you to hang out with his crowed. not the devils crowed. if their your friends they will respect you and your decision to your devotion to god. they will disapear from your life. once god sees that he will replace your friends. its hard to do that cuase sometimes we can feel so alone. but you got us! the c-28 peps! were your freinds now! youll see we will never let you down. hit me up on my wall and we can talk about other things. bro have faith! its in you just remember how it use to feel. god loves you! we all love you and never forget that! peace out brother and try and have a good day :) 4 Years Ago


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