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Abby Well, this prayer, Will never be answered, I dont think. Not until I get to see my Daddy again in Heaven. But I have been overwhelmed by Gods love. Its just been filling my heart for the past few days. I know that my Daddy is okay, and to wish he was back with me, is something I dont want to do, because I know he was suffering. But I am so thankful for all those who prayed for me. Thank you all. :) answered 3 Years Ago Write a prayer for this person Share
Original Prayer Request (posted 3 Years Ago): Hi... Ive visited this page before, but not as often as I should. Today I miss my Daddy... I miss him everyday, but right now its gut wrenching. Most of the time, Im completely satisfied with knowing that hes save. And knowing Ill see him one day. And knowing that once I see him, I will NEVER have to loose him again. But right now...Its not enough... I want my Dad back so so so bad right now.. Please pray for me... Its not fair for me to pray for God to give me one more day with him. Or ask God why he took my Dad away. I know that my Dad suffered... I know he had and wanted to go home. I understand. But it doesnt make it easier. And its not fair for me to say that its hard, because I am not going though anything more painful than what Jesus went through. He had it much worse than me, and so does 99 of the rest of the world. But I just want one day with him... And it could be in my dreams, even! Just as long as I get to see him again. Please pray for me to stop being so selfish.
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Lainey Thanks for reaching out and asking for prayer. I will definitely keep you in my prayers. I ask for the Lord to wrap His arms around you and comfort you. 3 Years Ago
Gabriella I commit to pray! 3 Years Ago
Daniel I commit to pray! 3 Years Ago
Caitlin I commit to pray! 3 Years Ago
Horacio hey abby whats up little sister! i cant imagine what your going through. cuase i never had lost some one that close to me :( my heart feels bad for your loss. i wish i could tell you something to make you feel better? i truly feel lost about your position in life. all i can say is god has a plan for you that will come down the road for you. maybe its talking to other that are younger than you that have had loss in there lifes? regardless god has a plan for you. he wants you to be strong for others that arent as strong as you are. to show them that there is life after a tragedy like the one you went through. you keep your faith in god and become closer to him and he will show you your path. i belive god takes people away for resons that we cant understand. stay strong lil sister! god bless you. we will be here for you when your down! love you from all the people from c-28 and around the world! 3 Years Ago


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