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Angela I am troubled over several things...first my job, the environment has become so uncomfortable, people are jealous hearted and very two faced, even I have said some unpleasent things and I regret it and ask the Lord to forgive me for that...I dont like it and dont like being around people like that, so I try as much as I can, stay by myself and think about our FATHER IN HEAVEN during breaks and lunch...I ask FATHER that you change my attitude and guide me in this, I only want to be treated fairly based on my work and customer service and not on being the shift mangers friend and being in the group. At times I dont even want to go to work because of this, because everyone is so miserable and its very sad. Second Father, something is bothering my right arm from shoulder to hand and my stomach is very upset and hurting all the time, even though I eat pretty healthy and drink alot of water daily. I have tried several medicines but it does not help, so I think its a personal attack from the devil, because I have never had this before I turned my life back to our LORD...please pray for deliverence from this for me. I always send prayers out for my son Christopher S. Boone, my grandchildren Christopher S. Boone Jr., and Sierra A. Boone, their mother Eboney, my brother Albert R, Swanson, my sons half brothers, and all other family members near and far and their families. Also a special prayer for Susan who has just has surgery on her hip and leg, and that she has a complete recovery and made whole in JESUS name, as well as Sandis father Randy, who also had several procedures done. I also send out a LOVE prayer to my dear Charlotte, and her husband who is in a wheelchair and deaf, and that you LORD get her son Michael off drugs and alcohol, she is so worried about him, so LORD please turn his life around as only you can. She is such a dear. Now for Margret...she is the sister of a co-worker of mine, and had a very hard and unhappy life with husbands and parents alike and has nothing to say about anyone unless its completely negative...I mean everyone, and I am sure me also. She cant see the damage she is doing people in how she curses at them and berates them anyplace and anywhere in front of anyone. Its all about her and her life, her past, etc., it bothers me to hear it, and I am sure she does the same to me...LORD please change her heart, because in the long run she is only hurting herself. She tries to use people also, and that is not nice...I ask again for healing for Kim and her father, shes a nice lady I met at work. Last, LORD, continue to bless and protect my three cats Chole, Snowball, and Stinky Butt, you created them also (SMILE). I PRAY FOR ALL OF US...GREATER IS HE WHO IS WITHIN US THEN THOSE WHO ARE IN THE WORLD AND NO WEAPONS FORMED AGAINST US WILL PROSPER FOR HE SHALL SEND HIS ANGELS TO WATCH OVER US AND KEEP US IN ALL OUR WAYS LEST WE DASH OUR FEET AGAINST A STONE IN JESUS HOLY NAME AMEN. 4 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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