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Evy My father is 42 (I think) and hes never been a Christian. He has never believed in God, although my Abuela (grandmother) is born-again, and he refuses to believe in Creationism. Hes fine with Darwins theories. Im afraid hell die without knowing God. He knows that he need Jesus, but he doesnt want to (I think) give up his freedom. He says, "I work hard to give you girls everything. Im a good person. There is nothing after death." Please, everyone who reads this, please pray for his soul. Junior Andrews needs your prayer. Please, I cant live with myself if I know that hes gone to hell. He also has sever stomach ulcers and is constantly working on his feet for 13 hours a day. Now is the time he need Christ more than ever. 3 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Gabriella I commit to pray! 3 Years Ago
Lainey I will be praying, and you keep praying as well! Never give up praying. Its funny because people think that as Christians we are not free. But we are actually the freest of all people! We are forgiven and free! I once wrote a paper about Christian liberty. We are free from sin, it is sin that enslaves so many people, and it is done in the name of freedom! "Christianity is not slavery to a religious system; it is absolute freedom." "Christian freedom is not freedom to sin; its freedom from the power of sin" -John MacArthur True freedom is found in Christ, I pray that your Dad will come to see that. And also come to see Gods amazing love, mercy and grace that He has for him! Amen. God bless you! P.S. Ill be praying for his health too. 3 Years Ago
Courtney My dear... this very prayer request struck me deep because Im a "daddys girl" and I grew up dreaming to be a missionary just like him.. And to think what youre going through.. Just thinking about my dad and imagining what it would be like if I never had that.. I would be a different person. My dearest Evy.. Dont give up hope. You are doing all you can, and I will join in with all my might as I hold your hand in this dreadful situation. You are never free unless you are born again in Jesus Christ. We are bought by the lambs blood. And my dear, God works miracles.. YOU are a miracle. You give me courage because of the way you have grown in the recognition of our Father.. You amaze me, and youre the very miracle itself that God has cast down to help build His kingdom with all of us. If you EVER need ANYONE to talk to hunn, I am only a few words away on my wall, and I would be absolutely honored to talk with you about anything. God bless you my dear. I am so proud to call you my sister through Christ. Bless you and keep your faith strong. <3 3 Years Ago
Chiara Rose I commit to pray! 3 Years Ago
Lathena I commit to pray! 3 Years Ago


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