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John My church has been struggling with ilnesses, loss of jobs, marriages crumbling, finances, people leaving the church, etc. From my understanding, there is a wave of this going across the area and possibly the entire country. This is not the will of God for His believers to be put in hospitals or begging for food/money. The church is to be a place of refuge for the weak and provision for those in need. How can we provide for those who call on the church if the church doesnt have the faith that their own provisions will be met? My prayer today is something that addresses many of the requests that Ive read today and many that are posted in my Prayer Chain group on Facebook. The request is simple: that the saints of God pray and fast seeking His face and BELIEVE that everything is in His hands! If we will realize that we still need to press forward instead of sit back content, we would be in a position to reach out to those needing assistance both in and out of the church! We all need prayer, sometimes moreso than others. That doesnt mean that we all need to sit back trusting someone else to do the job. God will not turn the people of this country back to Him, we have to lead them there! We have to encourage others and hold fast to the only solid truth- the Word of God! I call anyone that reads this to pray, not just for the specific needs listed above and below this posting, but for God to reveal more to us, His children so that we can walk with head held high and reaching out to those who need a touch from Him! I just ordered the "Chain Ring No Weapon" to remind me that there is NOTHING more powerful than the God I serve and no one can outgive Him! This is not to make myself like the Pharisees that prayed out loud to be heard. This is for a constant reminder to me to pray without ceasing! We face demonic forces everyday that try to bring us down but OUR GOD IS GREATER people! Pray one for another. Pray FOR this country and its leadership. Pray FOR the church across the street. Pray FOR those in the hospitals and nursing homes. Pray FOR provision, peace, and power like never before! 4 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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