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Kamber I am a Christian who has gone through a lot of struggles spiritually! I have had doubts about my salvation and all sorts of fears and bad things! Its almost like my life has been a really long obstacle course with different obstacles to overcome, and I guess sometimes I get really negative and think that Ill never totally be free. Obviously, thats not true. Lately, the enemy has really been attacking my mind and throwing thoughts in my head that are really bad that I dont want in there! Its liek Im out of control? Can anyone relate? Does anyone know a solution? Please pray for me. At the same time, I know God is with me, and that becaouse Christ lives in me, He can overcome and get me through it, but Im still scared sometimes. Please pray for me! 5 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Xenophile Kamber I see you are going through some of the same things i have gone through .So from my experience and let me stress "MY EXPERIENCE"i have learned that FEAR is the greatest tool the devil has to use against us and we give him way more credit then he deserves,what comes with that credit is more fear and eventually we have, once fear has run its course,actually impowered satan to step into our lives and wreak havock.why is this happening i asked ? and finally after muchtime spent in faithfull communion with Jesus i learned that as a friend of Christ,sold out christian,dedicated prayre warrior, because i was seeking and following Christ these things were pardon my language here but i was pissing off the devil,see i used to be a rampant sinner the devil had dibs on me but i turned my life around or what the bible calls "repented" turned away from. and the devil lost a soul maybe even a soldier and believe me satan doesnt like loosing so for a long time and even today when satan sees that we are having or are going to have a breakthrough he will try to plant those seeds of doubt to shake us up make us even question our christianity remember this is the devil trying to scare you what i have found is that if i stay faithfull to what the bible tells me that 1 God is for me so who can be against me.2 god has a plan for me to prosper me and not to harm me.3 that this is a test designed to allowq me to go deeper with my faith and trust in Jesus and that on the other side of this test there is peace and power . i think the old song that goes "theres a blessing in this storm" really got me through alot of storms like u r having. so i want you to join me in this prayre: most merciful lord and savior Jesus Christ we come to you now in praise and worhipr with thanksgiving for all you did when you died on the cross for ME to pay for OUR sins and that because of that i know that i am forgiven and accepted by you and that there is strength in knowing this and living it so Lord we ask that as you lead and guide us each day and continue to draw near to us we ask that you Jesus rebuke any and all plans or designs that satan and his minions have on Kamber and myself and we claim the complete and total protection of the Blood of Jesus cover us in that blood Lord so that we may defeat these thoughts of fear and doubts of our salvation Lord please fan the flames of desire in our hearts to know you better and deeper and use this time as a lesson of what faith and trust in you Jesus will bring us through. right now Lord i beg you to give your child Kamber a double dose of the Holy Spirit and please Lord Jesus as i lift her up to you i ask in Kambers favor that you Lord double her trust in you and give her peace and wisdom and understanding and patience to wait for you to guide her steps Jesus. I rebuke in the name of Jesus any and all negitivity, fear,doubts,or worries she may have Lord you said that where 2 eor more are gathered you are in the midst and that if we ask we shall receive please allow us to fully experience and live what this teaches us.Thank you for hearing our prayers and above all we pray for your will to be done in the blessed name of jesus we pray, Amen. and AmenI am not going to say hope this helps,no i am going to believe this has already helped youGod Bless you Kamber 5 Years Ago
Xenophile I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago
Xenophile look up my prayer went above this entry for some reason 5 Years Ago
Julia I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago
Julia I commit to pray because Im going through the same thing, some things I do is go outside and look at the beauty God has created for us, find peace in that. He will always be there for you and listening to Worship songs always help me out. Def looking up verses to help you along the way. Matthew 11:28-30 5 Years Ago


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