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Loretta My husband of 35 years died 4 years ago on Dec, 22, 2007. My family has had a really hard time copeing. He was a very christian man and there is no doubt that he is in heaven, but his death by a sudden massive stroke was a shock. My 33 year old son, married and has 3 children, lost his job in May, 2010. Unemployment checks expired May 1, 2010, so he and his family had to move in with me. He still has not found a job, and is fighting a losing battle with depression. He told his wife that he feels like he is having a nervous breakdown. We have been praying, and praying for Gods will in his life. I know we are not suppose to doubt God. My son has almost quit going to church, and we as a family are beginning to have some doubt. I know God works in his own time, and I sure wish he would open a window/door for my son. Please pray for my son, me, and whole family that we can keep faith until God answers our prayers. Also pray that when he does get a job that he will physically, mentally, and emotionally be able to keep this job. Of course here at Christmas things are worse for him, because he can not support his family and I am having to help with santa. Thank you in advance for your prayers and prompt attetion to my request. Friends in Christ, Loretta Byrd 4 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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