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Jonathan Thank you for your prayers. My nephew is doing fine. Hes going to be 4 on september 8th... he still has a very faded mark there, but hes cool.. the families act the same, but Ill be there when I can to help him out and encourage him to walk in the Lord. Please say a final prayer for him that God gives him desires to want to learn more about him and to be focused on him when teachings of Jesus are being done for him. answered 3 Years Ago Write a prayer for this person Share
Original Prayer Request (posted 3 Years Ago): Please pray for my my 3 year old nephew and his family as he got caught in a home accident to where he suffered a big swelling below his right eye starting at his bottom eyelid, and a red scratch/cut down the right side fo his face. I pray Instant Healing, and that none of his marks become scars, and as for the family, his grandmother on his fathers side has a very crutterd up house, which is believed to be the base reason why it happened, and his mothers side of the family (My family) is just seriously freaking out about it, and not relaxing and stuff. I mean, that act is totally understandable, but Im not paranoid about it because for one, Hes acting fine. despite the fact that he looks like he got into a fight with a boxing kangaroo, his behavior hasnt changed, and he says his "Booboos" dont hurt and on top of that ,I trust God in this situation, but I guess its hard because like I said in a previous prayer request, the family IS unsaved. So please pray for the families regarding how they deal with the situation.
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