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Joshua My girlfriend of seven months and Sister in Christ has lived in Washington state with her brother and mother for about a year and a half now, having moved from Arizona due to the family splitting up. Her name is Daniella and I know the family very well. The dad has fallen away from Jesus and ran in the opposite direction, submerging his life in arrogance and fornication. And worse yet, she and her younger brother remained grossly ignorant and denied the truth of their dads actions in the beginning of the separation. But now, she is becoming gradually angry at her dad, and it is showing: she is becoming more distant with everyone around her, even with me. She is becoming more exposed to the sin of the world, and is entering into college with this anger. I fear that she will rebel and fall away just like her dad. And the brother, no one is really sure about him. The older brother and sister have to deal with constant clashing with their dad, not being able to move out because of financial reasons. The mom, as can be imagined, is struggling constantly with insecurity and picking up the shards of her heart, feeling unloved by men, feeling unworthy. I pray in Jesus name, that Daniellas father would see the error of his ways, and run back into the arms of the Savior in repentance. Father, I intercede for the older two, that they would find rest in You. I pray for Daniellas mom, that You would show her that her worth comes from no man, but only from You. I pray that you would direct the men in that family, that You would be their strength, and that they would know that nothing is impossible with You. I pray Jesus, that you would wrap your arms around that family and reveal to them a deeper love that they have never known before. I pray for healing and wholeness in this season of pain and distraught. Father, I pray for covering of Your Spirit, that there would be a focus on You and Your plans. I pray in Jesus name! 3 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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