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Lani And Owali My husband has 2 months left in his probation at a job he loves and has been trying to get for four years and by the grace of God he got it. So for the past year we have had the time to go back to church (because his schedule never allowed it before with previous jobs) and we started both a Music and Youth Ministry. He wants to keep this job because its the first job he has ever had that allowed us to do all the ministries we ever wanted to, not to mention being financial stable for the first time since we were married in 2003. Problem is, his manager is extremely negative. She writes him up for every little thing and yells at him even though he tries his best. She intimidates him a lot and all that stress has made him sick several times. She is more of an authority figure and not a leader. He wants to work on their relationship so we pray that God will soften her heart and help their communication. She is confident that he will be terminated, but his coworkers feel like shes the only one that thinks he is a horrible worker. Everyone else supports him and says he is great and doesnt want him to go. Our prayer request is that my husband will stop getting write-ups for no reason and that God will soften her heart so that they can work in peace together. All he wants is to have great days at work and pass his probation so we can continue our ministries and have stability to support our family. We ask this in HIS name! Amen! 3 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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