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Gloria Not yet. I keep searching and knocking and believing, soon. answered 3 Years Ago Write a prayer for this person Share
Original Prayer Request (posted 3 Years Ago): Please pray for me to get an awesome job.
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Crystal I commit to pray! 3 Years Ago
Lainey I commit to pray! 3 Years Ago
Alexander "come Fallow Me And I Will Make You Fishers Of Men" Matt 4:19 I commit to pray! 3 Years Ago
Alexander "come Fallow Me And I Will Make You Fishers Of Men" Matt 4:19 funny story I was out job hunting last week and was not able to find one till I prayed. it was 5 pm on a thursday. I was desprite and was about to walk in to a place that I really did not want to work and knew God did not want me working there either. so I prayed I said "lord if me working here is in your will nad your plan thn fine put me here but if this is not what you want and you have somthing better for me than turn me away from this and show me soon what you want me to do" I went in asked ofr an application and behold they were not hiring and forgot to take the sign down. feeling as if i lost all hope in finding a job i wlked into jack in the box to gab some lunch. as I was walking in I saw a small paper on the window that said now hiring so i said "what the heck ill give it a shot" I applyed and was hired that day! after my inter view I walked out (did not get lunch) and rememberd what I asked God for just momments before and I was praying out loud on my way to my car saying "thank you lord I knew you had my best interest in mind" for a good 30 min I kept thanking him. 3 Years Ago
Chiara Rose I commit to pray! 3 Years Ago


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