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Lela Maybe it would be a good idea to tell her that from a particular month you will only be making half her payment and she has to come up with the other half then pick another month and tell her that month will be the last month you will be contributing to any of her payments she will have to pay the whole amount from that day forward, that way she will see the urgency to get the money she needs to make the payments, and it will not be so much of a full blow as cutting her off totally. In telling her what month in advance, she is able to prepare. Sometimes when people know they will always have someone to fall back on they dont make the effort themselves and they become lazy. I request you continue to pray for guidence from the Holy Spirit and you answer will be revealed. God Bless answered 2 Years Ago Write a prayer for this person Share
Original Prayer Request (posted 2 Years Ago): My husband and I have been making his daughters house payment for past several months. We have our own home to pay for still. It is a real strain on us. My husband is 64 and getting to retirement age. He will not be able to retire if we have to keep making her payments. Its highly possible that he may get laid off this year. We have asked her to put it on the market, but she refuses, even though we are getting to the point where we will have to either dip into his retirement funds, or put her house payment on the credit card every month. She is a widow and raising her own grandchild by herself. She has no job and they are hard to find. We have asked her to take in a single lady as a boarder, but she refuses that, too. The main reason we make her payment is because we are co-signers. We cannot afford to ruin our credit by allowing the house to foreclose. If we could convince her to sell the house, we would save our credit and could help her get into a nice but cheaper house. This house is huge and she doesnt need that. She says she wants to stay in this house until she dies. She is only 44 years old! We just want God to show us what to do and for Him to tell her the same thing!! Thank you to everyone that is willing to take on this prayer. God bless each and everyone of you.
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Gabriella I commit to pray! 2 Years Ago
Lainey I commit to pray! 2 Years Ago
Linduh I commit to pray! 2 Years Ago
Doreen Leala im sorry your step daughter is taking advantage of her father and you. She needs to grow up and handle her own life and what comes with it like RESPONSIBILITY. There is always a job some where but if she is being picky again she needs to grow and your husband should be enjoying your lives and be able to retire freely not worry about a daughers income I am 48 and just resently a widow as well and we didnt have a home although we were starting to look for a mobile home, and he cashed out his 401k and i recieved that check the day after he died. I cant stay in the apartment im in cause i will not spend my husbands money on rent, so i am going to move into my brother in laws house cause i cant afford 1300.00 rent. i am working 2 jobs due to my husband getting fired from his job they got rid of all there long term managers, he had 25years with this company. And i still need my full time and part time jobs so i can survive on my own. I pray that GOD will open this ladys EYES and see what she is doing to her own father that really she should be taking care of not the other way around. She is a very selfish person. 2 Years Ago
Virginia I commit to pray! 2 Years Ago


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