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Eliza I need prayer. My mom is dying of cancer. She has it all over inside her body. She is getting chemo but its not working. They started her on another kind of chemo. Pray that God will give her total healing. The doctor say, it is not curable but with prayer I believe she can get total healing. Also I need prayer for my marriage. My husband and I been together for 15 years (12 before marriage, been married 4 years now. We deciede to do right and get married. But 2 years after marriage we had a stupid fight were police was called. We usually dont fight like this. We are both saved. But did wrong by fighting that night. Now they want to put him in jail. We have 5 kids together. They are putting him through alot of things. They want to talk him into divorcing me. We both dont want to divorce. We are currently on section 8 (housing that government pays some of our rent) we are stuggling with money issues. And courts are taking alot of our income because of this fight (court costs, fines, domestic violence classes and etc.) So if they charge him he will not be able to live with me when he gets out of jail ( it will be a felony). Section 8 dont want any felons in the section 8 housing. Please pray that God will keep him out of jail and will not be charge with that crime. I feel bad about this and I take half the blame. He is not abusive to me or the children. I need our family in the same house and our marriage to be saved. We both want to stay married and live in the same house hold. Please also pray for our money issues so we can get out of section 8. I cant work beacuse I have to be at home with the kids. I do have teens but they cant watch the younger children beacuse they are special needs. I really need people who believe in prayer to pray. Thanks. 3 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Kaspar I commit to pray! 3 Years Ago
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