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Dakotah I need prayer for myself, that I will stand strong on my decision to remain pure till I am married, I admit that I have been tempted and could not get passed my guilt for the longest time. I prayed and Prayed and prayed and yet, I felt as though God did not remain with me. i know that if we desire to be with God as we pray we will be with him but i wasnt feeling it. Then my friend let me borrow a book called Staying pure and the girl in the book was going through the same thing. She felt guilt and everything, even though she hadnt given herself up, she felt she went too far. In the end, she realizes that God will forgive her and make her stronger, therefore leading her to the right guy. A man that loved God just as much as she did, possibly more. They prayed together and everything, it made me want something special like that. Its hard being 15 in a highschool where thats alot of what everyone does. I pray that I will remain so strong and that the will of God will remain bestowed upon me in a sense that angels may surround me and I mean SURROUND me. Block me from the world and set me apart from the people who will go to the greatest extent to fit in. Go to the greatest extent to make their boyfriend/ girlfriend happy. I wish the Angels would never leave me, and that the one holding them all together in a bind will be Jesus himself, holding a sword made of iron as to protect me from dangers or temptations. That is my hearts desire. And the same for my future husband. That he prays the same thing. Please pray. 5 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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