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Nicolas My girlfriend and I broke up about a month ago, and i feel like i am going crazy without her love. I just moved out of state for a seasonal firefighter job and i tried to get back together with her before i left but she told me she thought it would be better if i do it on my own so i can continue to work with God and so he can continue to dwell in me. I am trying so hard to make God my number one priority but it just seems like every time i pray to God i just keep asking him to give me and her another chance. Part of me just wants to call her and tell her how much i love her and then another part thinks i need to try to endure it and keep working within myself and with God. We dated for 4 and half years, this isnt just some girl i really like this is honestly the woman of my dreams that i truly want to be my wife. I know that i am never truly alone, but it feels like i am completely alone. I want to be a stronger person, i want to have a stronger relationship with Jesus, i want to have more confidence, i want to be the Lords man but i also desire to be her man. I go to church twice a week, i try to read my bible when ever i can, i volunteer with my community, i am trying to be the best man that i can possibly be; i just cant imagine my life without her. My church pastor and what little friends i do have tell me not to give up, that this is a good but hard place that i am in and that i need to hold close to christ. But i dont know how to, i am so tired of crying every dang night. Sometimes i wake up in the morning thinking it was all a bad dream and then i realize that it wasnt a dream at all. I have not been a christian my whole life, it has only been the past few months that i have really started to feel God deep inside of me. Everyone i talk to says i will be a stronger person, but at this point i just really dont know what to do. I love Jesus, i truly do; but the love that i have for her i dont even know if Jesus truly knows. She told me that she still loves me and that she always will and that she believes in me, but she wants me to truly figure myself out if we are to try to make it work. I understand what she is saying and i agree with it for the most part, i just feel like i know what i want right now. If any body out there has any advice on what i could do or if you can just try to remember me in your prayers i would greatly appreciate it! Thank you all so very much and God Bless 5 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Justin Nicolas: Brother I know how you feel. I got out of a relationship almost a year ago and it was a total struggle until I truly laid my life at the feet of Christ. It was not easy by any means but it vertainly helped with the situation and eventually I realized that she was not for me. Maybe you dont see it now and neither did I at the time but brother trust me, the Lord will guide you if you will simply give it all up to Him and let Him lead your life in the path he has planned for you. I will certainly keep you in my prayers and please keep me updated on how you are doing. Just post me a messge on my page/blog and I will write you back. GOD BLESS! 5 Years Ago
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