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Jeffrey  I could use prayer for my relationship situation. I was married last June 18th, 2011, but there have been so many bumps in the road over this last year. My wife and I had a ceremony, but never ended up filing the paperwork for a marriage license, so technically in Gods eyes we were married, but legally in the state we I guess technically arent. My family has been a big part of the problems, in bringing negativity and speaking negativity into my mind and heart towards my "marriage." A month ago, my wife and I talked about if I could ever see us getting officially married, and instead of realizing Genesis 2:24 at the time of "leaving my family and cleaving to my wife to start my own family" I had given into fear and my parents wishes. I made a huge mistake I know, and Ive asked the Lord for forgiveness, as well as my wife, or I guess "ex" now, and God really hit me with a life changing reality the beginning of this month (June) by waking me up to realize my faults, and made me see that a year ago I made a commitment to my wife, and I realized that I still want to be with her and have a life with her, and let go completely of my parents/ family, since all I receive from them is negativity anyways.Currently, I have been giving my wife space, or trying to the past week and a half. I expressed to her how I felt about it all, and that God hit me with the fact that I wasnt the man or husband He desired me to be for my bride and that as my wife, I am to choose her over my family, and I wish I could have seen all this a year ago. Basically, Ive been praying for God to continue to do His work in me, and show me how to be the husband, Spiritual Leader, provider, protector, and fight for my marriage, but most importantly I have been praying for my wife (or ex, I dont know what youd call her, cause she doesnt consider us married...anyways), that the Lord would heal her heart from the damage Ive caused and that He would allow her to forgive me, as well as see the changes in my heart and life and that the changes in me are here to stay, and that she is my first priority (after God of course).I know, I messed up big time from the get go, and Ive poured out my heart to the Lord, and my wife as well, that I truly desire to be with her, and treat her with all the honor and respect she completely deserves!Its a crazy situation I know, I hope what I wrote makes sense.Thank you for any prayers of healing upon her that you give, and prayers for God to completely work and rebuild my wife and I into the marriage He desires us to have, that there will be forgiveness, trust again, love, and that we would ultimately glorify Him through all this, and hopefully through this mess, it will provide us maybe a testimony of some sort to share with others who struggle down the line.Anyways, thank you again for your prayers!God Bless, ~Jeff 3 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Gabriella I commit to pray! 3 Years Ago
Maree Bless you Jeff, you asking for prayer for your wife is a sure sign you are genuine about this situation, but most importantly God knows you are genuine and He will answer prayers in His time, so at the moment God is sending you both on a journey first. Keep trusting in God. Jeff His love for you is out of this world. Father God I ask you to lift up Jeff and his lovely wife Lord, for they are both your children and they love you so. I ask you to heal Jeff and his wifes heart Father God, and place a wonderful peace on them both. Father God I ask you wrap your loving arms around them both and hold them close to you, shine your beautifull light on these wonderful children of yours. Father I thank you for you Grace and Mercy on Jeff and his wife. in Jesus sweet name Amen.Thank you for sharing JeffGod BlessMaree 3 Years Ago
Doreen WOW Jeff it is a mess but GOD is good at cleaning up messes look what he has done with us, cause when we all come to him we are all in a mess of OUR own doing. I pray your wife does see the change in you and that you want to make YOUR WRONG with her RIGHT, and that you are owning up to your wrong. On her side she has every right to be hurt with your, and mad and any emotions she is fealing. I pray she does let her heart heal and get to know the new you, who is trying to make it right with not only GOD but with her as well. And IF it doesnt work out to you two getting back together and you have asked her for her forgiveness and she says no, well you did what GOD asked of you and know he will work on her, In the end its always in GODs hands. We as humans can only do so much. I hope everything works out for the two of you and GOD be with you both. LORD help this couple to write a wrong its going to take patience on both parts, open there hearts and help them mend together i pray this in your name JESUS CHRIST amen.. -|- 3 Years Ago
Chris I commit to pray! 3 Years Ago
Riley I commit to pray! 3 Years Ago


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