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Eliza I have a 17 year old who is disobedient. He wont do no chores. If I ask him to do any thing there is always back talk. I NEED prayer because I dont think I can take any more. This morning all I did was ask him to take a shower and of coarse here comes the back talk. All he wants to do is stay in his room and watch tv and listen to music. He treats me like Im his servant. If I cook some thing he doesnt like he will not eat ( he acts like I always got to catar to him). As soon as he doesnt get his way, he tells me, I wish I would die. I am soooooo fed up. Please Pray and any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks and God bless. 3 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Clint L. Williams Father in heaven, we lift up Eliza and her 17 year old boy. We pray that You would bring a change into his heart and mind and help him to realize that he needs to Honor his mother according to Your commandments Father. Help him to start respecting his mother and to alleviate the burden she is carrying. Pour out Your love on this family Lord. Bring comfort and peace to Eliza and continue to guide them both with Your instructions to live a fruitful life. We give thanks and we give praise, in Jesus name we pray, Amen. 3 Years Ago
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