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Prayer Board

Anonymous Thank you and Praise the Lord! The person I had most problems with at this school has left! The principal has now given notice and I am looking at this as God cleansing this place. Please continue praying so that the right people take over. The Lord Keeps His Promises!!!!! x answered 2 Years Ago Write a prayer for this person Share
Original Prayer Request (posted 3 Years Ago): Please pray for me.I work in a school for damaged teenagers who have problems with aggression. My problem has been with the staff however. They constantly bully me in insiduous way. The say Im not pulling my weight and criticise the work I do. I teach English and literacy and as its a mainly boys school I have had lots of trouble raising standards but I have - greatly. Instead of being praised for this, I am ignored and not included in the little clique of teachers who drink together. The last straw has come when I have put in a grievance procedure against a member of staff who kept removing my posts from the school website with no explanation. This person is a pagan and the first thing she ever said to me is There is no God, despite the fact she knew I was a Christian. The management listen to everyone but me and I have no voice in this place. There are many discrepancies in this school and I am worried about the students. I almost got another job recently. Just missed it! Is it the Lords plan I should stay here, despite the stress affecting my health. Help me Lord please....if you want me here open some doors, if not...PLEASE show me the way out with another position. Its taking over my life and getting out of hand.
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Gabriella I commit to pray! 3 Years Ago
Joseph I commit to pray! 3 Years Ago
Ericka I commit to pray! 3 Years Ago
With Love On Your Arms I commit to pray! 3 Years Ago


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