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Dotti theres more to it than I inially said. When Wayne died I wanted his funral 2 days lateron Sat. The preachers wife said they had an anniversary celebration taking place Sat and asked me to moveit to Fri. I did. Then she told me there would be a dinner afterward for the family. I told her not to do that. I just wanted o go home after the funeral. Well she did it her way. Most ofWaynes friends didnt know he had died, they told me later. It was a small funeral compared to what it would have been. Just this week someone asked my son how was Wayne.=a friend of his. No one stayaed for the dinner except me and the kids. ThenI had to write thank you notes for something i asked her not to do. I am sorry but I am still angry with her. That was my husband-I am so sorry he inconviently died at the wrong time but had she not had the lunch it would have worked out. I wantso bad to tell her and get t straightened out but I dont know what to do. I am angry still. She had no right as a ministers wife to do that. Dotti Bates answered 2 Years Ago Write a prayer for this person Share
Original Prayer Request (posted 2 Years Ago): When I lost my husband I almost lost my faith. I had beleieved God would heal HIm.Instead he took him and left me alone. I was very angry and felt betrayed by God. Gradually , I am getting some of my faith back but not quickly enough. Thats what I need prayer for. Thank you God bless you ministry Dotti Bates
1 Prayed
Treena Heavenly Father, I pray that you guide Dotti on this difficult journey, and help her understand you are with her always even when she has doubt in her heart. 2 Years Ago


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