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Sharon Please pray for truth to show itself for the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates.Obama is the modern day "Moloch" seemingly no regard for the life of the unborn. He had also opposed a bill allowing failed abortion survivors to be saved. He has expanded Planned Parenthood on the taxpayers dime. He is trying to take away the tax benefits for churches and religious affiliated agencies/schools. He has turned his back/us againest Israel. We are to stand with Israel as per our God. Revelation appears to be unfolding. We need to stand with God and his Word. We his people need to see that His Word, His family, our Family is heard. Stand for the unborn, those born alive and left for dead, for Israel. We need a President whose platform represents Gods platform. There has been no transparency as promised (1.7 million tax dollars spent in legal representation (DOJ) to keep personal documents out of the publics veiwing), the poor numbers dont lie either. Lets hold off the end times-vote. A one world government is on its way (some rights in the hands of the UN), we are monitored, and as we know should we not acept the mark of the beast there will be no goods.Obama had flags made; it was an american flag only his face was placed where the stars were, and the red lines were fainter and broken. He is portraying himself as a God, we have only one. Please pray for truth from the canidates, and the horribly biased media, which seems to be controlled by the President. Stand for our brothers and sisters, our God, the unborn, Israel, the poor, the Christian schools/churches losing and have lost their tax benefits. Its just so very scary. 3 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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