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Deborah My nephew broke up with his step brothers soon-to-be ex wife. Hes focusing on work and school. However, his drinking has gotten out of control. His step brother and soon-to-be ex wife refuse to reconcile. Still dont know the status on my sister-in-laws health. But I know God has a plan. Thank you for the prayers! Have a blessed day! answered 2 Years Ago Write a prayer for this person Share
Original Prayer Request (posted 3 Years Ago): My brother Brian and his wife Tinas family has literally turned upside down! Her son from 1st marriage is going thru marital problems caused by adultery from his side. His wife has feelings for her husbands step brother (my brothers son/my nephew). My nephew has fallen head over heels for the step brothers wife and has mentioned to the family that hed easily give his family for her. Unfortunately, he might be a daddy with the sister of the wife of the step brother. That sister broke up with the my nephew and returned to former boyfriend who are now living with his parents. We dont know if the baby is actually my nephews as of yet. We are hoping hed take a paternity test, once the baby is born in April. The step brother wants to attend marital counseling, but the wife refuses. My nephew moved out with friends because of the infidelity between the two. My sis-in-law has lost 80lbs in 5 months due to unknown reason. Cancer is hereditary between both of her parents. Shes the sole survivor next to her two kids. The enemy has REALLY grabbed a hold of this family! The step brother is still with his new love aka co-worker! My nephew is still with his step-sister-in-law! Everyones committing adultery here! Their eyes are completely shut by the flesh! Theirs no love here! Just broken hearts, broken souls! The other sad thing is the step brother and his wife have a 2 yr old daughter whos going to grow up even more confused. Shes going to see her mommy with her uncle!
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Lainey I commit to pray! 3 Years Ago
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