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Tyler Not to long ago i lost the love of my life and my about to be fiance due to my own stupidity. I lost her trust and i dont know if i will ever get it back. I want to make things right and turn this all around somehow. I know that what i did was wrong and i regret it deeply. I just ask that you pray for me and my strength and wisdom in this situation. I have no idea where to start……… 2 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Tatiana Lord, i ask that you not heal tyler in the mind but in the him the reality of his mistake.. help him to understand why he led himself into what seems like an unforgiveable path. help him to realize Your doing in this so he can then commit to Your glory and bring You into the forefront of this pain. the heart is the deceiver, as You ave said in the word (jeremiah17:9). do not allow the spirit of jezebel to break tyler as "it" will attempt to break him down before healing. help him to commit to You so the healing and lesson may conquer the evil spirits surrounded by the act of jezebel and become one with HOLY testimony of life that YOU alone give us to live by Your will and grace.tyler do not be deceived..take your mistake, heal, and have faith. by living in the pain you live in fear which is sin...God knows best. ;) it is through our pain we find open to the beauty.<3. 2 Years Ago
Joe I commit to pray! 2 Years Ago
Sean I commit to pray! 2 Years Ago
Johan I commit to pray! 2 Years Ago
Gabriella I commit to pray! 2 Years Ago


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