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Mary Hello everyone, thank you for praying. Ill copy here my facebook post regarding answered prayer for our son. Happy Ending! FINAL DAVID UPDATE. Well, David went Wed. to Shriners and Im happy to report, he is cleared for EVERYTHING (Including break dancing.) Our son is doing beautifully. Read all the way through this please, as there is a life lesson for me, and hopefully will touch someone else as well. David is doing beautifully, as I said. His left forefingers bone has grown in such a way that the finger remains extended. He cannot bend it. There is not too much more they can do, except he will go back in May and they will look further. Essentially, they may do surgery in about year to fuse it to a different position. Now for the life lesson. When Mark was diagnosed with Autism, he was also diagnosed with Trisomy 8 (3 of chromosome 8.) They checked the results 2 more times to be sure. At that time there werent many cases, and they did not know the long term effects. They taught us how to look for bruising, etc. because childhood cancers apparently were common with Tris. 8, among other things. A few years later they checked, and then double checked, and then triple checked again and the 3rd chromosome was gone. In fact, he was written up in a medical paper. We were so grateful to God because the life-threatening condition was gone. So many people said to us, "well, if God heals, then how come He didnt heal the Autism, too?" My answer: I have no idea. I only know He loves Mark more than we ever could, and Mark is perfection in His eyes. When I look at David, and how close he came to death (2 seconds), and how amazing his recovery is, I have no idea why the one fingers bone fused the way it did. And ya know, I dont really care. As I write this, my son is at Gunstock learning how to snowboard. He spent his Thanksgiving holiday at a conference for sexual abuse survivors in Canada, and spoke for 45 minutes. His burns were deep and extremely scary, and we were looking at potential amputation. Instead, he is snowboarding tonight. If his finger is extended, well then, he can use it to continually point it Heavenward to the glory and majesty of Almighty God, who gave him back to us, and whose name David spoke in Canada. David will now learn to play the stand up bass with his right hand, and he had band practice just last night with his electric guitar. All things work together for good, for those who love the Lord, and are called according to His purpose. David is whole, he is well, and his finger is perfect, because that is the way his Heavenly Father wants it. Mark, with Autism, is created in the image of God, as are all of us. So celebrate with us, for all of you who choose, and point your fingers Heavenward and join us in giving thanks to a loving and awesome God! Oh, and pray for David (and the people in his path) tonight as he snowboards! hehehe. answered 2 Years Ago Write a prayer for this person Share
Original Prayer Request (posted 2 Years Ago): Requesting prayer for my son who was badly burned last Fall. He is doing well physically, but there are some neurological (cognitive) issues that have come out of this. Prayer for healing, and encouragement for him, that he is inspired to continue striving as hard as he has been. Prayers also for health. Thank you.
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Mark Lord we pray for Marys son recovery. Mary stay the course, Amen 2 Years Ago
Louise I commit to pray! 2 Years Ago


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