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Levi Hey all! Just asking for some prayer. Im in a hard spot in life right now. i have been trying to save money and ready myself to marry my amazing (and very anxious) girlfriend of two years. 3 weeks ago, i got unemployed, im trying to find work, but just doesnt seem to be much out there, and im having a hard time hearing God on what he wants me to do. things have just been overwhelming, there are alot of mountains i have to cross this season (including a potential health issue and some other very personal things). The enemy has been planting fears, anxiety, and discouragement in my path through all of this. i dont even know what to do or really where to start. i feel like im on a time limit and if it runs out, im going to lose everything. i love my girlfriend very much, please pray for her, pray she can be of good courage through this, be extremely patient, have some trust in me, but above all trust Jesus with this situation. She is my best friend and i cant bear the idea of losing her. Pray our relationship is made stronger through this season, and we grow together more than ever, in trust, in love, and in God. This is a hard situation, it may seem not too bad, i cant share the all the details, but it is so hard on me and im just very worn. pray for my faith, and trust in the Lord. pray i dont get lazy and work hard for this desire, but i also dont get ahead of myself and run in front of him. i need peace, wisdom, and Godly motivation. Thank you guys so much. 2 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Rosemarie im praying for you brother everything will b just fine god is with you you are heald by the blood of jesus dont let the enemy mess with you bro its not worth it hes a big liarrrr JUST YELL AT THE ENEMY brother god has an amazingg future for you everything will b alright in jesus name yeaa the enemys been messin with me too latleyy but we cant let him mess with us we are gods children 2 Years Ago
Rosemarie I commit to pray! 2 Years Ago
Ruben May God give you peace my friend 2 Years Ago
Ruben I commit to pray! 2 Years Ago
Tory Father, I thank you for Levi...I thank you for the life of him and his girlfriend. I thank you Lord, that what you have joined no man can tear apart...I just intercede and stand in the gap for this couple right now God and pray that the Holy Spirit just rest and sit on these two. We take you at your word Abba, that you hide us in your feathers, that we can take refuge in your wings! I pray for abundant favor on Levi as he looks for a job, that you just show up and shift and move in His life like never before. I pray a spirit of unity for this couple Lord, that they use these trials to seek your face more God, that they pray, soak, and fats together God. I speak to any anxiousness Lord, and any lies of the enemy and I break them off in the name of Jesus. I speak your perfect peace, wholeness, and healing upon Levi Jesus name. Praying for you both, have faith and take heart...our prayers move heaven! Keep us posted... 2 Years Ago


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