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Jonathan This problem went on for about 6 months and for a little bit we started mysteriously being close with each other again, but now I kinda feel like it is happening again especially seeing that its about to be 2 weeks since we have seen each other and we rarely talk mostly because she doesnt eventually return my phone calls when she gets free... Please continually pray. Im still uncertain but there are many things I do know... I just dont want to mess it up, and I have been doing things on my own term that would mess it up... answered 2 Years Ago Write a prayer for this person Share
Original Prayer Request (posted 2 Years Ago): Well, for more than 11 years, Ive known this lady and in Decemeber, we finally started to elevate our friendship to beyond that. During this transition, Ive asked friends to pray for me that God would help me be ready for it and to give me the wisdom and guidance to hold it down, because I know what its like me to mess things up due to my comfort in my confidence of not worrying about things falling apart. Lately, Ive sensed some lack of interest since this has been going a little lightly.. some examples could be her acting all germaphobe when I kiss her on the cheek or put my arm around her... and let me stop in the middle of this to just point out that in Brooklyn, most Christians in relationships are usually NOT the most conservative in case thats what some reading may be thinking first hand before they can even understand my point.... Other recent examples were me texting her I love you which we usually tell each other, and she replied with Ditto... I replied back with OK Demi lol as an indication from the Movie Ghost where that phrase was made famous which Im not even sure she saw it... Most recently, I told her I love you over the phone, and she said OK though she was very tired at the time, and on our last phone convo I told her I missed her and she told me I saw her The Other Day.... Today is Wednsday... The other day she is talking about is last week Thursday. Please understand that this relationship is a huge transition for me and I dont want to mess this up, so please pray for wisdom and guidance throughout this, and if I may be concerned over NOTHING, which I would LOVE to find out, then please pray that God would confirm that to me if so, because Im a bit afraid. Even as I trust in the Lord, I can still be afraid because he may have will that I dont understand and that has happened to me more than once before. So please keep me in prayer regarding this. God bless yous all, and stay safe this Valentines Day...
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Ivan I commit to pray! 2 Years Ago
Nira :) I commit to pray! 2 Years Ago


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