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Deborah Johns STILL very bitter and was recently in a fatal car accident! The "roll bar" in his Mustang GT is what saved his life! He escaped with a couple of injuries! My sister: Desiree told him that the Lord wasnt thru with him yet! He was told by his ex wife and former fiance that hes the "Anti-Christ"! I STILL and will continue to pray for his soul! answered 5 Years Ago Write a prayer for this person Share
Original Prayer Request (posted 5 Years Ago): An old friend (John Crockett) of mine is LOST and bitter! 20 yrs ago, he regularly attended bible study and even carried his bible in his car! Since then his life has gone thru such a spiral! Divorce, custody battles over children, alcohol abuse, smoking,drugs, gambling, trying too hard to find love only to his heart broken EVERY single time! Since Ive been saved, I wanted to share it with him! He refuses to accept Christ in his life for reasons unknown. I reassured him that Ill continue to pray for him that he returns to his first love: Christ! He feels Ive turned against him as a friend since I refuse to go back to my "old ways"! Please pray for John that he returns back to his FAITH, he finds FORGIVENESS in his heart, he follows the DIRECTION he needs to go into, hell find that one TRUE LOVE. Thank you and have a blessed day!.
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Derrick God you know this mans heart and his struggle and God even though it may seem as though Deborah isnt getting anywhere from what we can see. But we go so much miles in the spirit. help deborah just to love John and sow the seeds the holy spirit tells her to so that you heavenly father can water them...God we seek your first, and we love our unsaved friends and family. God we thank you and glorify your name that you mighty to save. Help us God by shining your light through us. And help us to be walking bill boards for christ. Although many have forgotten your love and its power we know it changes lives. And without there is nothing we can do. Please God let John feel your presence and allow him to understand that your grace is sooo sufficient and eye is on the sparrow. God I glorify your name in jesus name I pray and agree with Deborah in jesus name AMEN 5 Years Ago
Derrick I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago
Justin I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago
Rachel I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago
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