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Jonathan Still uncertain, still unassured about our relationship, but I have been worrying much less because I get to pray more about it. Gods word helps us come to piece and helps us worry less as long as we pray about our situation and give it all to him. I acted with great confidence in us the last time I saw her but I am still struggling with the reality that I do not know for sure what the heck is going on. answered 7 Months Ago Write a prayer for this person Share
Original Prayer Request (posted 8 Months Ago): This is regarding my relationship with a young lady by the name of Jenny. I have known her for about over 11 years now and she was like a best friend to me, and of course like most men, I developed feelings for her for a long long time... This past december, our relationship elevated by just a lil bit in that picture to which she had developed feelings as well which lead to a talk that had me ending up telling her everything about how I feel. I personally believe that I cant go back to friendship after that... And now, things seem pretty shaky because I am left with a very trying time of uncertainty in this and it has been worrying me to tears even after seeing results following my prayers.. A lil example I can give you, just tonight I got hung up on after I tried to say `I miss you` to her.... havent seen her in about 5 days so I think it is ok to say that... She has her own circle of her social life that involves some things that I truly believe in my heart are not the best decisions and I am not in a position to try to break her out of it so I cant quite say anything and I dont want her to think i am too controlling or something especially being that we are not `official`. please pray for us as individuals and as a unit.
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Official Notw I commit to pray! 8 Months Ago
Fernando I commit to pray! 8 Months Ago


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