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Laura hi.,this is laura and raymond. i am asking for prayers that GOD comfort me and guide me ,as i know that GOD is removing my family ,so that i can serve him better,cause ,you cant convince non believers! all the GLORY is our LORDS and i praise him ,just it hurts a little but i totally accept GODS will for my life. sometimes its lonely,as we have no friends ,here in winnipeg ,canada. i want true spiritual friends,in our life. please pray that GOD blesses my womb,so me and my husband will have 3children. i have a child in HEAVEN ,and i named my child VICTORIOUS. I asked GOD if I could name my child, cause this causes me much heartache!!! JESUS help me! as i am typing the tears r falling.i thank you for being my friends and i also pray for you. God Bless You! IJN 4 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Loving God Thank you so much for your prayer. I am lifting you up in prayer aswell. May the Lord surround you with loving people and guide you through his path. Bring peace and comfort to your heart so the Lord sLight may shine through the darkness and help others come to Him with you. Lord I also pray with your grace and your will you will help them concieve another precious blessing of yours .Amen! Laura you know when i read your and it is some what similar because My family I have no more and we have been wanted a 3 child but what has been stopping me is fear. because I think how can I bring in a child with no family support, who will help? I know I shouldnt think that way because the Lord will Provide. Also when i commited my life to the Lord I would Always pray " Lord separate me from what separates me from you and surround me w/ Loving people" My family slowly fell back away and I met a couple of Godly friends from church. So what you say about yourself God removing family so you may serve him better and not convince non believers....Amen I feel that is exactly what hes doing in my life. Thank you Laura.<3 God Bless you sister in christ <3 We have an awesome Father God! 4 Years Ago
Vanessa I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago
David I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago
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