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Claudia Hello everyone well this might sound really dumb but I need prayer because Ive felt really depressed lately. Well I was engaged and broke up with my fiance because things werent going anywhere. I met a guy that I believed had what I was looking for. He was older then me and has a career and I really fell for him. He had a girlfriend of 8 years whom he broke up with as well because their relationship was going no where as well. A bit after our breakups we started dating each other. Everything seemed so perfect. He would tell me how much he enjoyed being with me and how he could see it turning into something serious. Well now he all of a sudden doesnt want to spend as much time with me anymore and says hes not used to being with someone for that much time. He says our differences might be too big. Well our differences are our families and our religion. He belongs to another religion and Im Christian. I told him that to me religion is not important what is important is having a relationship with God. I had bought him a bible a while back and would tell him to read it. Ive also tried talking to him about God. Hes a believer but doesnt go to church and isnt saved. I know the bible tell us not to be unequally yolked, but I really care about him and I want to work things out. Now I dont know what to think. I dont know if hes seeing his ex again, or just misses her, or is scared of getting closer to me. I dont know what to think or do. Im really hurting though and I need a lot of prayer and advise please. Ive been praying for peace of mind and direction but I just wish things could work out for us.Thank you so much 5 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Roger well claudia as someone whos been in a relationship twice with the same person and both times didnt work out so i can tell you that i know stuff is hard to deal with i just pray that God will give you peace in your storm, just give everything to God and He will take care of it i promise everything will work out for your good..God bless you : ) 5 Years Ago
Roger I know what your going through is hard but God is with you always, Father God i ask that you give claudia peace in this storm that shes i pray that you will carry her through this in Jesus name.Amen 5 Years Ago
Justin I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago
Ingrid Paola Sister, i know this is hard for you. Ive been through something similar to this. I know its hard to accept reality sometimes..but you have to...because acceptance brings about healing. I dont know you or your situation like the lord does. But i want to pray for you and with you!! Father God, we know how difficult relationsips can be. Father we also know how fragile relationships are. Father you value relationships more than you value anything else..Father becuase in your word you speak that in the end if we gain everything but have not love it helps us in tnothing. Father, you know my know her know every single situation she would encounter father and nothing is too big for us to handle or else we wouldnt be faced with it..knowing lord that you dont place situations or circumstances to hard for us to handle... lord...we are stronger than we now we are... father help my siter..bring peace in the midst of her insecurites or her confusion...bring healing lord!! father most of the time we are seeking in others things that only you can offer. Father i pray that my sister becomes conforted..bring her to pass her lord..draw her near you..father god!! consufion and anything other trap that the devil wants to bring to her life i curse it and its cast out of my sisters mind in the mighty names of our lord jesus christ!! father...our lord shed his blood for us at calvary because he loved us that much!! how great is you love...father that even without us deserving it you shed your precious blood for us...father thank you for the amazing gift of love lord!! father bring light into the darkest places of my sister walk lord!! help her..father bringpeace... healing!! father restoration...father i know how difficult this is...n lord you have brought me to pass..i pray the same way for her..lord that you strenghten her father with a double amount of faith...hope!! n peace!! father guard her ...lord...bring angels to encamp around her... help her hear your voice in the dessert lord!! help her lord...all things work for good to those who have been called according to you Lord!! romans 8:28... i believ it lord ..i belive it...bring that direction shes asking for..lord and help her be accepting of your will.... whatever the outcome of this situation will be..lord that she accepts it and praises you no matter what!!in jesus name Amen.!! 5 Years Ago
Rachel I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago


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