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NOTW Wraptor sunglasses

NOTW Wraptor

Out Of Stock

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Product description

The pinnacle when it comes to protection and style. These cool triangular-shaped frames fit virtually any face.

Gatorz aluminum series frames are carved from 7075 billet aircraft aluminum. They are then molded around 1.8mm polycarbonate lenses that offer 100% UV protection while remaining completely distortion free. With Gatorz Eyewear there is never a compromise of quality, comfort or design.

Gatorz Precision Built Eyewear now features TruRay Optics, the most comprehensive assortment of impact-proof, 100% blocking UVA, UVB, and UVC lens filters and coatings offered by any single sunglass company.

Features include:

  • NOTW Logo on both sides of frames
  • Black colored frames
  • Multi-Chrome Cabernet lenses
  • Made in USA

Item No: 159971

Product Reviews

Average Score (based on 7 reviews)
Daniel: ill vouch for the gatorz brand...i recently returned from afghanistan, and while i watch countless raybans and oakleys break, crack, and scratch, my all black pair of gatorz wraptors (while looking a little beaten) are still in excellent conditions. when it was bent out of shape i was able to bend it back, the lenses remain without a scratch.these are easily the best pair of sunglasses i have ever purchased, and they are in fact worth the money youll have to spend on a pair.
Amen Ryan! NOTW has nothing but the best quality in all their products, and why shouldnt they offer the best! I love NOTW and buy from them whenever I am able! On my honeymoon I spent $250 in the NOTW desert springs store and didnt buy anything else on my trip! I love what they have and wish I could buy more, however it gets a little expensive when it has to be shipped to Canada lol
Vincent: woah! way too expensive
Ryan: In the interest of the ministrys well being, and the assumption that they will not, for personal, loving reasons, respond to what appears to be an attack on the ministry, I find myself needing to respond to the comment made by Raynee. Please understand that I reply with the utmost love and respect, in Christs name, and merely want to defend the good name of this awesome ministry.I first want to point out that the essence of your comment is correct, it is about Gods love, and spreading that love to the very corners of the earth. However, the implication that your comment brings, that the high price tag on this item must mean that the objective here is money by default, is inherently false. These glasses, as you may have read, are made of very high grade product, making them very long lasting, very durable, and very high quality. To provide 100 UV protection without distorting ones sight is quite a feat, and not one done cheaply. While the ministry does exist to serve God, it must still make a bit of money in order to be able to exist to serve God. This is why they are incapable of simply giving all their items away for free. Money is a necessity, even though it is not the purpose.Second, it is important to point out that a portion of the large price tag placed on this item goes to a charity of your choice. This means that they are making even less money off of this item, helping fund an organization that furthers God love and Gods kingdom. Hardly about money when viewed in this light, is it?So please, before making such crude comments against NOTW, even if done so with good, honest intentions, understand that even as a ministry, money must be made so that the ministry can survive, and continue to do Gods work, and that portions of the sales from such products as these (all products on this site, really) go towards an organization to help those in need.Remember that.
Tyler Justin Gallagher: I get the feeling that the glasses might actually cost a lot to make. Maybe Im wrong, but these look like they offer Oakley-level protection. Im not down with the prices, but hey. It very well may cost them that much money.
Thejaplace: DANGGGGGG... Thats REALLLLY expensive.....why i ask?
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