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Back To Genesis books

Back To Genesis

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Product description

An Uncompromising Defense of the Normative, Historical, Grammatical Understanding of the Book of Beginnings It is impossible to have a coherent, biblical worldview without an acceptance of the historical, grammatical understanding of the book of Genesis. This is the thesis of our tape series Back to Genesis. Taken from a composite of conferences featuring myself and Dr. John Morris of the Institute for Creation Research, we present an uncompromising look at the book of beginnings and its influence on science, theology, and ethics. There is an important reason why the first eleven chapters of Genesis are so under attack today. After all, every major doctrine of the Christian faith finds its origin and explanation ultimately in these chapters. Furthermore, the entire ethical foundation of Christian society is predicated on a literal understanding of Genesis, from the doctrine of marriage to the mandate for clothing. Even the great legal commentator, Sir William Blackstone, began his famous commentary on the laws of England by pointing out that Genesis was foundational to the very concepts of freedom and just law in a society. From Genesis, we understand notions of justice, mercy, property rights, and many other foundations of freedom. Incredibly, one of the most damaging attacks on Genesis comes not from without the Church, but from within. Major seminaries and churches are breaking with orthodoxy and embracing the idea that God used the "Big Bang," that the idea of a global Flood of Noah's day is a myth, that soulless proto-humans predated Adam, and that God created a world in which there was millions of years of death, decay, and suffering before Adam's sin. The Back to Genesis tapes address these and many more issues including the fact that dinosaurs lived contemporaneously with man, the issue of starlight and time, that the geological column was primarily a result of the catastrophic events of Noah's day, and that the fossil record specifically points to a young earth. The idea of scientific neutrality is eradicated, and the fact that all scientists bring religious bias to their work and method of data interpretation is clearly established. Most importantly, the theory of animal death before Adam is exposed as a belief that strikes at the heart of orthodoxy by redefining the nature of the atonement of Jesus Christ. This is an extremely important series for those who hope to wisely defend the historical understanding of the sixth day. Over 9 hours o Type: Audio CD () Category: Books > Science & Faith ISBN / UPC: 9780972417389/0972417389 Publish Date: 1/1/2000 Item No: 93252 Vendor: Vision Forum

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