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Before The Beginning books

Before The Beginning

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Product description

Blossom Ridge Books Publication Before The Beginning demonstrates God's epic passion for us through His design of creation. Kraft considers God's transcendent genius and brings to life His awesome message to mankind-a message that is evident from the very beginning. Creation's very existence reveals the fact that incredible thought and planning was necessary to have a functioning universe. Kraft considers God's transcendent genius and brings to life His awesome message to mankind-a message that is evident from the very beginning. This author does much more than simply rehash the book of Genesis. Kraft examines passages in Old and New Testaments, recent scientific findings, and heart messages from our creator found in creation. This creates a dialogue about not only the beginning of the universe, but prompts us to contemplate what took place before the beginning. We venture into a new realm of ideas and come to terms with the mind of the Creator. What ideas and challenges did God face as He planned before it came into being? This is something very exciting to consider! We are told in God's Word "His thoughts of us outnumber the sand." One of the most important desires God has for us is that we possess "healthy hearts." His Word states, "above all else, guard your hearts." God values are "heart" condition. Life's distractions and stresses can prevent us from taking care of our hearts. Before the Beginning reminds the reader that the condition of the heart must not remain neglected. The book strives to restore many "big picture," life perspectives including God's plan for us. The author will help you see the handiwork of God and feel His incredible and very personal love and concern for you. Kraft's approach reflects passion vs. presenting raw data, but rather than focusing on differences, he seeks to reconcile these two seemingly diametrically opposed stances. The author includes significant finds that traditional media has not yet picked up. These finds help us to see how mankind has the potential to really advance as it begins to shed man-conceived paradigms. One of which is macroevolution. Tumultuous times can skew our perspective and get us somewhat derailed off of life's tracks. If we are fortunate enough and have an ability to sense that there is a problem, this can create a desire to ask, "what were the original intentions that our Creator originally had for us?" It seems to be clear that as a culture, we have messed up somewhere along the Type: Paperback () Category: Books > Inspirational ISBN / UPC: 9780988465237/098846523X Publish Date: 12/1/2012 Item No: 316702 Vendor: Send The Light Distribution

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