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Case For A Creator books

Case For A Creator

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Product description

Astronomers are discovering that the Earth is anything but the unremarkable planet of popular science lore. It may very well be utterly unique in its ability to support intelligent life in an otherwise lethal universe. Cosmologists agree that the universe arose suddenly out of absolute nothingness. But how? And how did it unfold with such painstaking precision? As biologists continue to probe the cell, the more amazed they are at its intricacies-complexities so staggering that they confound all naturalistic attempts to explain life's origins. Could it be that the world looks designed because it really is designed? Increasing numbers of scientists are coming to that conclusion. Once, science and Christianity seemed light years apart. Yet today, not only do "the heavens declare the glory of God," but those who explore them are discovering the fingerprints of a master intelligence on the finely tuned dials of the universe. In his most powerful and fascinating book yet, award-winning journalist and former atheist Lee Strobel uncovers compelling evidence for intelligent design from the fields of cosmology, physics, astronomy, biochemistry, DNA research, and the study of human consciousness. You'll be amazed-and perhaps shocked-at what you learn. From the organization of galaxies to the miraculous machinery of cells, Strobel shares what more and more scientists are saying about the complex, manifestly purposeful order that pervades nature. The Case for a Creator will open your eyes to * the implications of the Big Bang and its biological counterpart, the Cambrian explosion * the insurmountable problems that are leading more and more scientists to reject Darwinism * what the textbooks never told you about archaeopteryx, Haeckel's drawings of embryos, and other icons of evolution * how the universe seems strangely designed for study, with the Earth uniquely equipped as a research station * the inconceivable sophistication of the DNA code-the language of life itself . . . and much, much more-so much, in fact, that as one authority put it, "It's the atheist who feels very uncomfortable and marginalized today." Find out why. The Case for a Creator shows how science itself is steadily nailing the lid on atheism's coffin-and discovering, behind a universe of breathtaking design, a Designer who infuses it with equally magnificent purpose. Also available in unabridged audio CD. Type: Hardcover () Category: Books > Christian Living ISBN / UPC: 9780310241447/0310241448 Publish Date: 4/1/2004 Item No: 26448 Vendor: Zondervan

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