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Case For The Resurrection Of Jesus books

Case For The Resurrection Of Jesus

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Product description

At some point in their Christian walk, many believers ask some difficult questions: Is Christianity really true? Are there any good reasons to know which religion is true? Could it be that God does not really exist? These are important questions, and we have an intense interest in their answers. After all, if atheism is true, then why should we subject ourselves to the teachings of Jesus? Why should we insist on views that alienate others, especially the claim that Jesus is the only way to heaven? If the Christian view of reality is wrong, we may be missing out on something. At least, we are needlessly straining relationships with others. The authors of this volume did ask these questions as young men. We determined to find some answers. We cannot tell you that we looked at the evidence without presuppositions or biases. This volume and its accompanying interactive software are tools to encourage Christians in their faith and to help them share with others the evidence for Jesus' resurrection. Type: Paperback () Category: Books > Apologetics ISBN / UPC: 9780825427886/0825427886 Publish Date: 4/1/2004 Item No: 66526 Vendor: Kregel Publications

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Joshua: This is an excellent book! I had to read it for an apologetics class I took at Liberty University, where one of the authors, Gary Habermas, happens to be a professor. This book outlines Habermas "minimal facts approach" to defending the resurrection of Jesus. Habermas only consideres five pieces of historical information that are considered to be actual historical facts by the majority of scholars, including the skeptical ones. The facts are (1) Jesus died by crucifixion (2) Jesus disciples claimed and believed that Jesus rose from the dead (2) the conversion of Paul the persecutor (2) the conversion of James the skeptic and (5) the empty tomb. Habermas and Licona argue that the only plausable explanation for these five facts is the actual bodily resurrection of Jesus since all of the naturalistic theories fail to account for all the facts. That is the basic premise of the book, but of course everything is explained in much greater detail. If you are a Christian this book will greatly encourage you in you faith. It is also a great book for seekers who are still exploring the Christian faith. Highly recommended!

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