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Does God Believe In Atheists books

Does God Believe In Atheists

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Product description

Wow. What else can one say in regard to this book? Dr. John Blanchard traces the history and development of atheistic and agnostic thinking from ancient Greece through to the present, showing us, in the process, why Christianity is a much more coherent and viable worldview. Our culture has been radically changed by atheism, particularly the atheism inherent in Darwinian evolutionism. Blanchard highlights the naturalistic, materialistic assumptions of evolutionism, and critiques the contemporary arguments for evolutionism coming from people like Richard Dawkins and Peter Atkins. But evolution is only one of the many atheistic philosophies and worldviews which have altered our culture (for the worse). Blanchard brilliantly exposes just how widespread atheism is in our contemporary culture, particularly as it is seen in several major world religions and almost all cults. Then he highlights the major flaws evident in worldviews like secular humanism, materialism, relativism, determinism, and existentialism, which are all just thinly veiled atheism (often not even veiled). He examines the writings of atheists like Kant, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Camus, Sartre, and Russell, and discusses how profoundly they have impacted both atheism and modern culture. After showing the deleterious effects of a widespread atheism, Blanchard turns to the figure of Jesus. Jesus is the pivotal point in the history of the universe, according to Blanchard (and many others, however grudgingly). Because the teachings of Jesus have inspired more people in the course of history than those of any other religion or teacher, we can't ignore them. Thus, Blanchard reminds us of the veracity of the gospel accounts (the extant stories of Jesus' life and ministry) and of the historicity of Jesus. He challenges the atheist to deal with the Jesus presented in the gospels, realizing that in the course of history, no atheist has been able to adequately deal with the reality and truth of Jesus. In the end, the only choice we have is between theism and atheism, since the only viable choice for theism is biblical Christianity. Blanchard has compiled a truly compelling case against atheism, and a compelling case for Jesus. All that is left is for people to make their choice. Type: Paperback () Category: Books > Theology ISBN / UPC: 9780852347508/0852347502 Publish Date: 6/1/2011 Item No: 233326 Vendor: EP Books - Grace Distribution

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