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Generation IY : Understanding Them Engaging Them Equipping Them books

Generation IY : Understanding Them Engaging Them Equipping Them

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Product description

Elevate Entertainment Publication Shaping Generation iY. It's on the minds of every parent, teacher, coach, employer, and youth worker. You are already familiar with Generation Y. May we introduce you to its younger counterpart, Generation iY? These are the young people born since 1990. We call them the iY Generation because of the impact of iPods, iPhones, iChat, iTunes, iMovies, iMacs... and the fact that life for them is often about "i." They are a new breed of student. They are different than the Baby Boomers and Generation X before them. The Boomers asked: Why? Generation X asked: Why ask why? This new generation asks: Why not? They are confident, tech savvy, opinionated, bold, and social. The earlier research on them, however, is now inaccurate. Due to technology, the parenting styles of their mom and dad, teaching methods, and the chemicals in their foods, they display a new set of characteristics: * They are self-absorbed. * They are postponing maturation. * They are addicted to media. * They are medicated. * They feel entitled. And if you are a parent, teacher, employer, youth worker or school administrator, chances are that shaping them weighs on your mind. Let us help. Inside this four audio CD set, you will hear Dr. Tim Elmore help you to understand, engage and equip the young people in your life. The sessions cover: 1. Aftershock: Responding to the Cultural Shifts of Generation iY 2. Helicopters and Karaoke: A New Generation of Parents 3. Screenagers: The Need of the Hour in Adolescents Today 4. The Care, Feeding and Grooming of Generation iY Suggested for adults over age 18. Recommended for parents, teachers, employers, youth workers, and administrators. Type: Audio CD () Category: Books > Pastoral Helps ISBN / UPC: 9780979294099/0979294096 Publish Date: 4/1/2012 Item No: 299323 Vendor: Send The Light Distribution

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