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Gods Truth About Gender books

Gods Truth About Gender

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Product description

This book is timely in that it addresses many issues surrounding modern human sexuality and interpersonal behavior. Todays culture has become permeated with a false belief whose foundation rests completely upon the doctrine of moral relativism regarding human interaction. In todays society, each man and woman have become a law unto themselves. This book raises back to consciousness the concepts regarding human identity in relation to what it means to be malefemale made in the image of our creator. This image is a spiritual one not physical. Human beings possess a duality that only exists in man alone. Our physical nature is rooted in science, nature and dust from which scripture claims we were formed. Our other half is concerned with the truth of our existence as spiritual beings. Science and spirituality speak to two separate realities of human existence, the natural and the spiritual respectively. To hold one in higher esteem and ignore the other shows a form of human illness of understanding in regards to our existence. Spiritual existence is concerned with issues of belief, purpose, morality and behavior. These are not physical realities but, spiritual ones. The concept surrounding the phrases breath of life, living soul, image of God are all different ways in which scripture gives insight into the nature of man as a spiritual being, temporarily wrapped in a physical, bodily form. The text touches upon issues of marriage, sexuality, parenting, psychology, human development, behavior and addiction. These topics represent a crosssection of ideas; some dealing with human behavior (spiritual) and others with the science of human nature (physical). In man, we see a delicate blending of spiritual and physical truths, the basis of which drives the complexities of human behaviors and interaction. There is much information written about spirituality alone but few books undertake the task of reconciling spiritual and physical realities. In that sense, this book will serve the reader well; As it is, understanding this duality of man is the key to understanding what it truly means to be human, treasures in earthen vessels." Type: Paperback () Category: Books > Sexuality ISBN / UPC: 9781933204604/1933204605 Publish Date: 7/1/2008 Item No: 147570 Vendor: Deep River Books

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