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Gunning For God books

Gunning For God

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Product description

A vigorous critique of the New Atheism Since the Twin Towers crashed to the ground on 9/11 there has been no end to claims that religion is dangerous, and that it kills or poisons everything. And if religion is the problem with the world, say the New Atheists, the answer is simple: get rid of it. But are things really so straightforward? Tackling Hawking, Dawkins, Dennett, Hitchens, and the less well-known but influential French philosopher Michel Onfray--John Lennox points out some of the fallacies in the New Atheist approach, arguing that their irrational and unscientific methodology leaves them guilty of the very obstinate foolishness they criticize in dogmatic religious folks. Erudite and wide-ranging, Gunning for God packs some powerful punches. Type: Paperback () Category: Books > Apologetics ISBN / UPC: 9780745953229/0745953220 Publish Date: 1/1/2010 Item No: 238684 Vendor: Kregel Publications

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