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Home School Christian School Guide To TREASON Home Schooling

Home School Christian School Guide To TREASON

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Product description

America's public schools are boiling over -- saturated with illegal drugs and declining moral values. Anti-Christian bigotry is on the rise. As Hollywood attacks everything virtuous, many parents turn to Christian education and homeschooling to recapture the quality that public education abandoned long ago. Yet despite progress in the Christian and homeschool movements, one thing remains lacking: A concise, effective guide to train students to rise up and defend legal and constitutional principles based on original intent, from a Biblical worldview. Such a guide has been absent in the Christian school/homeschool community. Until now. Would you like for your student to articulate the proper constitutional response to a false claim that the believer cannot pray in Jesus' name in the public arena? Would you like for them to understand the five fundamental Rights in the First Amendment? Did you know that the very first fundamental right in the Bill of Rights is Freedom of Religion? Many Americans, when they think of the Fifth Amendment, think of the famous right against self-incrimination. The phrase, "I plead the Fifth," refers to this right. But did you know there are also seven other fundamental rights within the Fifth Amendment? Want your student to understand the Swiss origins of the Second Amendment and the real reason for the Right to Bear Arms? What about the violent and murderous origins of Islam and its founder Muhammad? Will the public schools teach the truth about Islam? What about the Fourth Amendment Right against unreasonable search and seizure? Would you like them to understand that the police must have something called probable cause before a search warrant can be issued? But what is probable cause? The HOME SCHOOL/CHRISTIAN SCHOOL GUIDE TO TREASON answers all this and much more. Start today. Train your students to defend the faith and the Constitution with lawyerlike precision, using this valuable unique teaching tool that is one of a kind. Type: Paperback () Category: > Home Schooling ISBN / UPC: 9781624800566/1624800564 Publish Date: 3/1/2013 Item No: 323459 Vendor: Send The Light Distribution

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