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Living Fossils Teachers Manual home schooling

Living Fossils Teachers Manual

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Product description

In 1938 the discovery of a large, unusual fish turned the scientific community on end. Dubbed a 'living fossil', the discovery of a coelacanth in a South African river shocked scientists around the world who thought this type of fish had died out millions of years prior during the process of evolution. Whether a shark, leaf, or crab, 'living fossils' are a challenge for evolutionary theorists, and create a fascinating debate among scholars. Do they indicate a younger earth than thought, placing the millions of years timeline in question? Or do they represent a deep mystery? In Living Fossils: Evolution, The Grand Experiment Volume 2 delves into these provocative questions and more. Teaches how science evaluates and classifies the creatures of the world we live in, both past and present. Unveils the surprises that often force a radical re-evaluation of scientific theory and assumption Hundreds of full-color photos. An exceptional follow-up to the popular first title in the series, Living Fossils is a unique and exciting educational resource, perfect for a stand alone unit study or integration into your comprehensive education program. Use the series together to provide an in-depth opportunity to explore the origins of man and the world around us, and discover the truth of God's creation like never before! Type: Paperback (Teacher's Guide) Category: > Home Schooling ISBN / UPC: 9780892216888/0892216883 Publish Date: 4/1/2009 Item No: 85052 Vendor: Master Books

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