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Runkle Geography Set Revised Home Schooling

Runkle Geography Set Revised

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Product description

Although we like to teach geography as it relates to our studies if you prefer a geography textbook, this award-winning one year curriculum for 6th grade-high school is a good choice. Focuses on physical geography providing the basis for learning the fundamentals of geography. The student map workbook is designed for mapping and memorization of every country and its capital. Textbook Features * Comprehensive core knowledge text. * Interactive daily lessons. * Incremental review. * Hands on activities. * Critical thinking problems. * Requires no teacher preparation. Teachers Guide Features * Review questions are answered. * Vocabulary words are defined. * Clear instructions and answers for all activities. * Reproducible tests are written to all learning styles. * All test questions are answered. * Clear, specific instructions on how to use the text. * Paperback, 103 pages. The Runkle Geography Program Explained As adults we know a task must be repeated time and time again until it becomes second nature to us. Brenda's mapping method stresses this belief. It is very structured and uses all four methods of learning. Not all students learn in the same manner, so the complete range of learning styles is utilized. Students will read, speak, listen, and manipulate on a daily basis. The text is written in daily lessons making it much easier to plan a day's or week's activities. Starting and stopping points can be easily determined. The text is also conversational, addressing the students, asking them questions, reminding them of other lessons, and asking for interpretation of information. There are very few unassociated facts. The story of geography is woven like a tapestry. It all goes together to form an intriguing story. The earth is so interesting. One goal is for the student to travel down the highway not playing their video games, but looking out the windows thinking about what they see. Fun, silly ways to learn! Brenda used a lot of mnemonics, which are fun, silly ways of remembering things. For instance did you know that "very cold elephants prefer chile?" They do if you are learning countries of South America! Continent by continent by continent Each continent comes with a written text and a series of maps. Student should not only know the countries, their capitals, correct spelling, and relative location but important physical features such as natural boundaries. Don't panic now! You, as the parent or teac Type: Boxed Set (Revised) Category: > Home Schooling ISBN / UPC: 9780982527603/0982527608 Publish Date: 11/1/2009 Item No: 308396 Vendor: Geography Matters

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