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Space And Earth Science Teachers Edition 3rd Edition home schooling

Space And Earth Science Teachers Edition 3rd Edition

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Product description

Space And Earth Science divides the physical (nonliving) universe into four major divisions. From the perspective of a human on Earth, these divisions can be imagined as spheres of information. The four spheres are as follows: the celestial sphere-outer space; the atmosphere-the layers of gases surrounding the earth; the lithosphere-the solid part of the earth and its surface; and the hydrosphere-the solid part of the earth and its surface; and the hydrosphere-the natural waters that cover and penetrate the earth's surface. The first unit of Space And Earth Science (Chapter 1 and 2) discusses what some people believe science to be, what it really is, and the theories that science produces. You will learn about the limitations of science, the very human activity of developing scientific theories or models, and the great clash of the evolutionary and creationary worldviews in science. To show how scientific modeling is controlled as much by human bias as by observational evidence, you will study the development of the two principal historical views of the earth's position and motion in the cosmos-the egocentric and heliocentric models. Type: Spiral Bound (Teacher's Guide) Category: > Home Schooling ISBN / UPC: 9781591663096/1591663091 Publish Date: 8/1/2005 Item No: 121896 Vendor: Bob Jones University Press

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