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Writing Strands Level 2 home schooling

Writing Strands Level 2

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Product description

This group fo assignments in the series called Writing Strands is designed to give homeschooled second level students a grounding in the very complicated process of giving others their thoughts in written form. The teaching of this skill is one of the hardest jobs that you have.These assignments will make it easier. Much of the planning and detail of the writing process is presented here. These assignments are written for you to teach from. This is the only level in which the expectation is that the child cannot work alone. Most seven-year-olds are too inexperienced to work independently. But, rather than increase your work, this writing process should make it easier for both you and your child to meet the demands for student writing skill. I have referred to your child in this book as he. This is not because I prefer boy children; it's because I really don't feel comfortable using a singular and then referring to that person as they or using their. It is very common now and sounds like this: Ask your child to write this sentence and then check their work. Wow, does that grate my teeth. I'm not a purist, but there are limits. I also can't use the very awkward he/she solution. Too cumbersome for me. On the first draft of this book I used he with first assignment and used she with the second and alternated throughout. Awful! So, you'll just have to change the works in your mind when you're working with your little girl. Although Writing Strands was not written for grade-level working, this Level Two book has been designed for students who are at what is known as the second grade level. When a child independently can write the sentence, The dog is big. that child is ready for this level. The language arts program using the books in this series are designed for one school year, which should include our reading program. We recommend that you alternate weekly the writing with the reading and discussing of books and ideas. In this way you will have a full school year of language arts. The reading half of any language arts program should involve reading and talking about books and ideas. National Writing Institute's Reading Strans is designed to do just that for you and your children. Type: Spiral Bound (Student/Stdy Gde) Category: > Home Schooling ISBN / UPC: 9781888344127/1888344121 Publish Date: 8/1/2000 Item No: 142174 Vendor: National Writing Institute

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