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Pearl Dust : 366 Pearls Of Wisdom For Extreme Teens books

Pearl Dust : 366 Pearls Of Wisdom For Extreme Teens

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Product description

365 pearls of wisdom for extreme teens: Are you all in ? You're radical for Christ. Your devotion to Him runs deep. This devotional reflects your intensity for Christ. The following story from Pearl Dust reflects that intensity: A king entered a room, where his aides had been summoned, carrying a beautiful pearl on a small velvet pillow. He went to his first servant, What do you think this pearl is worth? He replied, Oh, sire, many trunkfuls of gold. Then smash it! the king said. The servant replied, It would be an insult to the king to destroy such a beautiful pearl. The king went around the room. Each one refused to smash it. He asked a sixth man, How much is this pearl worth? This servant replied, More gold than I have ever seen in my lifetime. Then smash it! the king said. The servant took the pearl, placed it on a rock, took another rock and instantly smashed it into worthless gray colored dust. The man is mad! shouted the others in the room. The one who had smashed the pearl held up his hand for silence and said, Which is of greater value? A costly pearl or obedience to the king? Here s a book that you can really get into! Type: Paperback () Category: Books > Teen ISBN / UPC: 9781581693775/158169377X Publish Date: 7/1/2011 Item No: 236792 Vendor: Evergreen Press

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