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To Train Up A Child books

To Train Up A Child

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Product description

Best seller! From successful parents, learn how to train up your children rather than discipline them up. With humor and real-life examples this book shows you how to train your children before the need to discipline arises. Be done with corrective discipline; make them allies rather than adversaries. The stress will be gone and your obedient children will praise you and bring joy and peace into your home. Thousands have testified to the amazing results of these profoundly simple techniques. Type: Paperback () Category: Books > Family Concerns ISBN / UPC: 9781892112002/1892112000 Publish Date: 8/1/1994 Item No: 143115 Vendor: No Greater Joy Ministries

Product Reviews

Average Score (based on 3 reviews)
Daniel: This was a fantastic read! I didnt think that child( and wife) discipline abuse was the right answer, but when I first used one of the tips from the book, my child didnt even want to argue with me again. I am all for this book now! Im kinda hooked on having all of this power and control over my child. My wife said that it wasnt right to treat our child like that and SHE YELLED AT ME!! Using my knowledge I gained from this book, I quickly corrected her by the Cigarette Burn Technique. My wife said that she will never talk back, but when she breaks that promise, I always have a new discipline technique on hand to correct her. She is a good wife now, and now I have peace and quit in my house all day, which is great! Excellent book, I recommend it to every God-loving soul out there that wants to feel the power and control. We need to obey god, and serve him. Stand as the man of your house, and dont forget to beat the living fuck out of your child and wife everyday, so they wont forget it either!
Jamie: So far this book is very helpful and informative.
G: This book promotes child abuse. Children should not be raised like animals but even at that I would not do to an animal what this book suggests be done to children. I cant believe its being sold in a Catholic Book Store. Every time I see things like this it just makes me know that my decision to leave the church was the right one!

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