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Concepts And Combos movies

Concepts And Combos

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Product description

Teaching Signs for Baby Minds(TM) teaches you how to communicate with your baby or toddler before he or she can speak! These fun, easy-to-follow DVDs show you how to use American Sign Language (ASL) to teach your baby how to communicate wants, needs, and observations. Teaching your baby sign language is a gift the two of you can share throughout your lives. Learning signs can also have a profound effect on your child's developing mind. Researchers have found a 12-point difference in the IQ scores of babies that sign and those that do not. This is a huge difference in IQ scores! Preschoolers who learn to sign also test significantly higher on the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test, a common assessment of verbal ability used to aid school placement. DVD 2: CONCEPTS AND COMBINATIONS Enables parents to teach advanced concepts and communication to their babies Concepts and Combinations: Links concepts and combinations of basic words (see DVD 1) to expand communication and thinking. Concepts include: Directions, Sizes, Colors, Counting, etc. Advanced Communication: Learn how to ask your child to perform complex tasks and behaviors. Behaviors include: Want to read the book, Go find mommy, Help clean up, Bedtime, Please go to sleep, etc. NEW! Flashcards and game instructions included in each Learning Kit. Benefits Verbal communication skills development Greater spatial awareness skills Enhanced vocabulary development Improved listening skills Helps eliminate frustration (e.g., terrible twos). Item No: 85958 Vendor: Critical Thinking Co.

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